MI Objective

To professionally and meticulously render dynamic advertising sales support along with professional and sustained consulting, create a business continuity plan for media houses’ growth…with many more zeroes being added to the bottom line.

MI Unplugged

It couldn’t have been truer than today…
…When global economic order is changing, yielding place to new. No business seems to remain unaffected by the change, that corporates and specifically media houses are witnessing. Contemplating the scenario

“The old order changeth, yielding place to new”
– Alfred Lord Tennyson

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MI envisions

To advise and guide through coaching and consulting to media houses in India and abroad, which need professional and sustained coaching for business growth at value-for-money pricing.
Post-Covid, most businesses are adapting to evolving business environment and media is no exception. Going forward, especially the print business in India will see the emergence of a new structure and business continuity plans. MI is geared to provide publishers in India and overseas with expert advice, coaching, and consulting, to align with new realities.
Not only this, help them garner higher advertising share so that they become more profitable and absorb the economic pressures which the global order has created.

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MI Mission

Media Infinite is geared up to consistently deliver world-class coaching and consulting services to medium and small newspaper publishers in India and overseas.

This would empower them as they would become profitable, and organized. MI will inculcate the world-class best practices so that they emerge stronger to counter any such scenario if it happens, God forbid!

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Why Media Infinite (MI)?

As we pose you a question, a few questions may cross your minds too, like:

  1. Will outsourcing advertising sales and related services like consultancy be cost-efficient?
  2. Will MI understand advertising & related services as we do?
  3. What edge it would provide if we have MI on board for advertising sales?

So, our answer would be: YES.Onboarding MI will take away the pain from your important area – Sales

– the lifeline of any organization. You can be better focused on other important operations of your media house while leaving ad sales, client handling, billing, invoicing, follow-ups etc. to MI.Not only this, we are focussed on growing your bottom line, besides getting good brands into your fold.Our decades-long experience brings to the table specialization and expertise to nurture a valuable association.Besides, you are saving the cost of hiring professionals which is a huge cost to the company.Our team can seamlessly integrate into your working style, while you are focussed on your publication. It’s typically faster than you have to go out, hire internally, and train someone for your team, which means that MI can generate revenue for you sooner.All this & more is backed by competitive analysis which we regularly undertake including our research on target audiences, circulation, digital metrics, ad products, and conferences to understand the competitive landscape and the available opportunities.This way we are up-to-date on the latest in print and digital advertising along with reach and content matrix. MI is in sync with how the industry is moving, what trends work and what don’t – and catches the pulse of an ever-changing industry.Hope all your questions have been answered.Now, we pose you a question: Why not MI?

A New Media WORLD unfolds……with Infinite possibilities!

Globally, media houses – especially print – Newspapers and Magazines, besides electronics, digital, Online & radio, are showing a keen sense of urgency to counter the impact of the current upheaval on the business.
We, at Media Infinite, understand that sales have been a parameter of defining the success of any media house. This is where we step in…with our knowledge, expertise & eons of experience in the field of advertising sales, which has turned around the fortunes of many media houses in the country.
In these trying times, teams are staring at unmatched losses as an aftermath of Covid 19 and feeling distressed financially, physically, and emotionally.
Media Infinite’s incredible experience of working for the emotional and physical well-being of Corporates – Happy HO has done phenomenal work.
The service bouquet of Media Infinite includes advising, counselling, and consulting with your teams by experts in the field. With MI, you get a long-term partner, qualified to manage all your processes & operations.
Besides, Media Infinite implements efficient client nurturing skills and proves that howsoever hard times are, a skilled, dedicated & motivated team can turn around the bottom line.
We appreciate that a resilient team absorbs all the pressures and stays happy on the course of growth with Happiness & Resilience Coaching.

“What helps people, helps business.” — Leo Burnett

Our Clientele





Client Testimonials

Jwalant has been indelibly associated with Lokmat in a long career spanning nearly two decades . He was one of the leaders of Lokmat who worked with all the three generations of the company board . His many contributions on building Lokmat to the heights that it has today attained cannot be forgotten . He was a strong leader and had a deep understanding of advertising and the print medium .

Vijay Darda / Former Member of Parliament Rajya Sabha and Chairman Lokmat Group of Newspapers

Mr. Jwalant Swaroop is a media veteran. His rich experience has helped Prabhat Khabar immensely ever since he took up our consulting and coaching assignment. We are glad and happy about this association with him. He brings huge insights in regional markets across functions and advice teams to improve on operational efficiencies. He has helped us in both topline and bottomline growth strategies and at the same time his inputs during our periodic review meetings have helped us to drive business with greater focus.

R. K. Dutta / Executive Director, Prabhat Khabar, Jharkhand, Bihar, and West Bengal

“In a short period of time, Jwalant’s contributions to our group have been appreciated and applauded, both within the group and the sector. Not only has he been instrumental in putting an excellent team in place; but also inducted all of them in a seamless manner to perform well and thereby compliment the Group Vision.” 

“While Jwalant has helped us establish a sound foundation for Sakal, he has also got me to actively participate in the group and interact more with the all the Business Leaders. One of his key initiatives was to identify a list of successors for various positions, which he has managed to complete in a short span of almost three quarters. This has made us ready to deliver our strategic vision and firmly placed us on the growth trajectory.

Abhijit Pawar / Managing Director, Sakal Media Group, Pune, Maharashtra