MI Unplugged

It couldn’t have been truer than today…

…When global economic order is changing, yielding place to new. No business seems to remain unaffected by the change, that corporates and specifically media houses are witnessing. Contemplating the scenario

“The old order changeth, yielding place to new”
– Alfred Lord Tennyson

A New Media WORLD unfolds…
…with Infinite possibilities!

Globally, media houses – especially print – Newspapers and Magazines, besides electronics, digital, Online & radio, are showing a keen sense of urgency to counter the impact of the current upheaval on the business.

We, at Media Infinite, understand that sales have been a parameter of defining the success of any media house. This is where we step in…with our knowledge, expertise & eons of experience in the field of advertising sales, which has turned around the fortunes of many media houses in the country.

In these trying times, teams are staring at unmatched losses as an aftermath of Covid 19 and feeling distressed financially, physically, and emotionally.

Media Infinite’s incredible experience of working for the emotional and physical well-being of Corporates – Happy HO has done phenomenal work.

The service bouquet of Media Infinite includes advising, counselling, and consulting with your teams by experts in the field. With MI, you get a long-term partner, qualified to manage all your processes & operations.

Besides, Media Infinite implements efficient client nurturing skills and proves that howsoever hard times are, a skilled, dedicated & motivated team can turn around the bottom line.

We appreciate that a resilient team absorbs all the pressures and stays happy on the course of growth with Happiness & Resilience Coaching.

“What helps people, helps business.”
— Leo Burnett

Vision MI 

To advise and guide through coaching and consulting to media houses in India and abroad, which need professional and sustained coaching for business growth at value-for-money pricing.

Post-Covid, most businesses are adapting to evolving business environment and media is no exception. Going forward, especially the print business in India will see the emergence of a new structure and business continuity plans. MI is geared to provide publishers in India and overseas with expert advice, coaching, and consulting, to align with new realities.

Not only this, help them garner higher advertising share so that they become more profitable and absorb the economic pressures which the global order has created.

Mission MI

Media Infinite is geared up to consistently deliver world-class coaching and consulting services to medium and small newspaper publishers in India and overseas.

This would empower them as they would become profitable, and organized. MI will inculcate the world-class best practices so that they emerge stronger to counter any such scenario if it happens, God forbid!

Sign – off

To professionally and meticulously render dynamic advertising sales support along with professional and sustained consulting, create a business continuity plan for media houses’ growth…with many more zeroes being added to the bottom line. 


Founder & CEO, Media Infinite

Jwalant Swaroop, an eminent media personality, backed by his rich and varied experience in the field of media, advertising, and marketing, has been a close witness to the radical transformation of the media industry in the last three decades. He joined advertising at a time when it was just evolving and was full of challenges but he was the one to never look back. His go-getter attitude and fast adaptability to changing times held him in good stead.

After a successful stint in advertising, he joined western India’s famous group, Lokmat Media Pvt. Ltd as COO where he significantly contributed to the buzzing profit lines of the organization. He didn’t stop here; he took upon him the responsibility of building P & L of Rs. 400 Crores media group in Maharashtra having a presence in print, television digital, and events.

As a dynamic management professional, he took many strategic decisions for the advertising business of the entire group, which involved the opening of 15 publishing centers and 20 branches, pan India and Overseas. Armed with all these and many more feathers in his hat, he achieved several milestones in his three-decades-long career.

Now, was the time for some introspection, and we witnessed his motivational & spiritual venture Happy Ho which significantly contributed to the happiness & wellness quotient of many corporates by way of improving work culture, reducing attrition rates, and optimizing performance.

He radiates warmth through his joyful nature and calming presence, a trait that makes people warm up to him instantly. He is a ACC certified coach from ICF.  He inspires positive change in thinking patterns. Jwalant is trained in several meditation techniques. He conducts meditation sessions regularly and leads retreats for people who wish to seek deeper experience. He runs online sessions on Happiness, Meditation, and life coaching frequently.

Jwalant has been on board of MRUC, besides being a Member of IAA.  He has been a well – recognised speaker at various industry forums and a visiting faculty for MICA and Symbiosis. He has attended IAA Conferences, Ad Asia, Radio Asia, Broadcast Asia and Biofach Germany etc. He has also propounded the concept of Readers’ Rating Points.

Catching up with the digital era, he visited the US based headquarters of Google, Microsoft, Face Book and Linked In to study intricacies of these social media platforms (path-breaking & futuristic concepts) where he hob – knobbed with the big – wigs.  

His latest venture Media Infinite is slated to value-add media industry by undertaking all-encompassing activities like advertising sales, training, coaching, and consulting. The ambit covered would be print, online, digital, and social media.    

Having done a diploma course in positive psychology in University of Pennsylvania, Jwalant is geared up to percolate this positivity to the media industry which has been under turmoil for last few years.  


After spending eons in the field of advertising, marketing & media, I feel privileged to present before you Media Infinite…

A culmination of my dream of a world-class media solutions company, an effort to replicate the success of Happy Ho, which successfully raised the happiness quotient of companies & individuals.After a successful stint in advertising, he joined western India’s famous group, Lokmat Media Pvt. Ltd as COO where he significantly contributed to the buzzing profit lines of the organization. He didn’t stop here; he took upon him the responsibility of building P & L of Rs. 400 Crores media group in Maharashtra having a presence in print, television digital, and events.

The challenging times are a passe, and we are staring at opportunities, with great enthusiasm after a lull of almost two years. The times are that we keep pace with the new developments in the way we position & perceive media business, which suffered most, especially the print media. 
As we know: “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction,” since the world has undergone severe upheaval during Covid times, it is bouncing back with optimism & dynamism. MI prepares media houses for that dynamic advertising sales support, coaching, advising and consulting, in its inimitable way.   
I humbly & gratefully acknowledge the love, support, and understanding received in my career and my entrepreneurship journey from all my associates, family & friends.
Indeed, owing to your unflinching support and motivation, that my venture Media Infinite opens the doors for the Media industry, nationally, globally & exclusively!
Taking our association to just another level with this website, where you can interact with me & my team for all your requirements.

Look forward to a highly accomplished association in future!

Jwalant Swaroop
Founder & CEO